Thomas E Coghill III Business Consultant Miami

Thomas E. Coghill, III - MBA, MSF

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

(202) 322- 7618

I have worked with numerous companies in various industries from handbag companies to medical research with SEO, SMO, web development, email blasts, eCommerce, branding, reputation management, logistics, accounting, legal issues, sourcing, strategic sales strategies, Copywriting, Instagram, Twitter, Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, and Google Analytics.

When I graduated from Old Dominion University with an MBA, I started a manufacturing firm in South Florida so I am aware of small business practices. We sourced parts from various companies abroad and then built our products here in the United States. I was in charge of marketing, business development, accounting, and logistics for the company.
During this time I gained fluency in Spanish and working knowledge of Portuguese. We grew the company in less than eighteen months to a network of over two hundred domestic dealers and a large dealer network in twenty-two countries. It was later sold to a foreign investor.

After this, I decided that I wanted to help other entrepreneurs start their own businesses and build upon their dreams. I started a consulting firm that worked with conceptual ideas of up to twenty-five million dollar a year companies. I excel in helping others fulfill their dreams.

I currently work as Senior Business Advisor at TEC Consulting Group and finished my Master of Science in Finance at the University of Miami.

As a Senior Business Consultant at TEC Consulting Group, I help clients in various industries to optimize their online presence and increase their return on investment. I have over nine years of experience in providing SEO, risk management, startup consulting, international real estate development, web design, email marketing, eCommerce, branding, and reputation management services to domestic and international companies.

I also have a background in finance and risk management, with a Master of Science in Finance from the University of Miami and a Master of Business Administration from Old Dominion University. I have worked as a Financial Advisor, a Manufacturing Manager, and an Enterprise Risk Analyst, gaining fluency in Spanish and working knowledge of Portuguese. I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs and investors to achieve their goals and grow their businesses in the global market. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, surfing, college football, and the symphony orchestra.

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